One of the best ways to support Special Olympics Paksitan is to come to our events. Beyond that, there are many ways to help by giving your time to our important work.

Neelam Shahzadi- Volunteer

My brother is a special athlete. He participated in the national games and since then I have been part of SOP family as well.
When I saw what kind of work sop is doing and their efforts to enhance the life of every special athlete, I wanted to help out in any way I can that is why I started volunteering and take part in organizing events as well as collecting registrations for them. I tried to be present at every sop event to lend a hand. There are too many memories and events that I remember all too clearly and enjoyed, but I think the one memory I treasure the most is the time I spent at national games. Watching my brother and all other special athletes show their talents on the playing field, made that event unforgettable and awesome. Sop is an ngo that is developing itself very fast. The staff, athletes and volunteers will continue raising this organization high in the sky. All it needs is commitment and support from people like us and that is why I am willing to help sop in whatever it needs, now and in years to come.

Yaseen Merchant- Parent of a special Athlete and a Volunteer

I recently became a part of sop when my daughter, Afsheen, was selected for the Australian Games where she competed in Bocce. When she came back from there she was a changed person. She was much happier and social and I saw what kind of impact SOP was having on the lives of these young athletes. Along with Bocce, she is also receiving training for Badminton as that is another sport that she enjoys immensely. It gives me great pride to watch my daughter show the world how talented she is and as a parent, I can ask for nothing more. I believe sop is doing excellent work. They are cooperative, loving and caring and I hope they always stay this way. It has contributed greatly in our lives and I like to give back by volunteering and helping out their cause. I hope sop goes on a long way and that we always stay a part of it!

Noureen Manzoor- Volunteer

I am working for sop in the federal region of Pakistan and have been a constant volunteer for them from the very start. My brother is one of the best athletes here and a Gold Medalist and I’m grateful to sop for providing such a platform for him. I have volunteered in many events and my experience with sop has always been great. Just being a part of this cause has made me a better person. It has made me more humble, caring and given me the motivation to do something. There was an event organized by Ms. Ronak for the families of special athletesheld recently in Karachi which I attended. It brought us all together and was a memorable day for all of us. I now have a feeling of attachment and sense of belonging to this place and all the people who are a constant part of it. I and the other volunteers contribute as much as we can without any hesitation. We know what a great channel this is for people who need help and where we can help them.

Volunteers are the backbone of the Special Olympics movement. They are coaches, trainers, officials, event organizers, fundraisers and managers. They can also be unified partners -- playing alongside athletes with intellectual disabilities -- or fans cheering in the stands.

Our volunteers are all ages and their commitments can range from an afternoon to a lifetime. From China to the United States, Ghana to Singapore, Australia to Paraguay, Ireland to India, our volunteers are helping to bring out the champion in every Special Olympics athlete. Special Olympics would not exist today — and could not have been created -- without the time, energy, commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers. We owe so much to these millions of people who find the time to make the world a better place.

Volunteer to Coach

Coaches teach the skills and spirit that define a true athlete. Coaches are role models and character-builders. Special Olympics coaches go even further -- they help athletes find their own strengths and abilities. They also show them how to build upon those strengths and improve every day.

As a Special Olympics coach, you bring enthusiasm, commitment and a positive attitude to each practice, event and competition. You will enrich the lives of our athletes in many life-changing ways. The skills and confidence an athlete learns through sports have a long and lasting effect. They can help an athlete succeed in school or even find a job.

Volunteer to Cheer

Find an event near you and go. Cheer for athletes who live near you or cheer for those who inspire you. It won't be long before you know their names and you know how well they can run, jump, kick, throw or swim.

Take and Share Photos or Video

The staff of Special Olympics Ghana is focused on making every event the best it can be through planning and promotions. Running a track meet, for example, takes many more people than you might realize. With so much going on, sometimes our staff don't have time to stop to take photos or video. If you have skill with a camera--or just love to take photos-let us know so we can make sure you get a great spot.

Share a Moment

What impressed you at an event? What moved you? What does Special Olympics mean to you? Share a moment that changed the way you think about people with intellectual disabilities.

Help Out At an Event

Our public sport events need people to make them run smoothly. People who line up athletes for races; people who help time events; trained officials who make sure the rules are followed; people to announce events; people to rake the pit after each high jump. Every job needs a person, and every job is a fun way to take part.

Help With Office Work

The key goal of Special Olympics Ghana is making sure our athletes get the best coaching on a weekly basis so they can compete and prove to themselves and others that their personal best is always getting better. Behind the scenes there are forms to fill out, letters and emails to send, supplies to manage, phone calls to make and much more. If you are an organized, enthusiastic person, please help with some office work.

Brag About Us on Social Media

Tweet, chat, post on Facebook, share photos, spread the news! Everyone who tells our story in a personal way helps shape the way other people see us and our mission.