Families are the No. 1 fans of our Special Olympics athletes. They give the type of love, support and encouragement that no one else can. Special Olympics is a support network that brings families together in a caring, positive way -- and that makes the cheers for our athletes even louder.

Family support network and our young athletes

What does every child want? Every child wants a chance to kick a ball, to throw it well and to share that success with family members. What does every child with intellectual disabilities want? The exact same thing. The family support network was started to connect special Olympics families with new families of an individual with intellectual disabilities and provide support and information in a critical time of need. The family support network creates opportunities for family members to:

  • Become activists for the special Olympics movement.
  • Match families to share ideas, issues and common interests.
  • Volunteer in their loved ones athletic training.
  • Encourage new families to join special Olympics.

Many of these families also enroll their children in our young athletes program. It is a unique sport and play program for children with intellectual disabilities. The focus is on fun activities that are important to mental and physical growth. Children from the ages of 2 to 7 enjoy games and activities that develop motor skills and hand eye coordination. Young athletes is an early introduction to sports and to the world of special Olympics. The children learn new things, play and have lots of fun! The view of the parents is that their children in young athletes also develop better social skills. The confidence boost that they get makes it easier for them to play and talk with other children on the playground and elsewhere. It also brings families and their children together. Special Olympics Pakistan organize a young athlete and family support network in mirpur, azad Kashmir where many families came together with their children and made it a wonderful event!

Connecting Us All

Special Olympics knows no boundaries. Without regards to gender, race, religion, economic or education level, Special Olympics has the ability to unite all walks of life.

This spirit of generosity, inclusion and volunteerism helps to connect the community as a whole. In this way we can build a stronger, safer world.