Special Olympics spread compassion and acceptance in a way that can unite the world. Our goal is to awaken everyone - and every community - to each person's common humanity. Understanding brings acceptance; acceptance brings peace. This vision of inclusion starts at the local level. It's expanding on a global scale.


S.M TANVEER is volunteer coach with Special Olympics Pakistan since 1994 and has participated in three International participations in Asia and USA. Energetic and enthusiastic, Tanveer helps Special Olympics Pakistan by selecting and training athletes in Basket ball. Beyond his coaching duties, Tanveer also trains new coaches to help with the Special Olympics Pakistan growth program. Tanveer has demonstrated that with derive and dedication, there are no limits what can be achieved.


GOHAR has been part of Special Olympics Pakistan since 1995 and participated in 1999 world games. He is also a highly qualified coach, MSC in physical education. Gohar helps train SOP athletes as and when needed. Known for his enthusiasm and expertise, Gohar ensures that athletes thrive under his guidance. He was also instrumental in making Sindh coaches clinic, which was held in Karachi in November 2004 a very successful event. Gohar is presently in the process of writing a book on basic fitness.


RUKH NAZ started her career as a teacher for special children in 1988. During the 1994 competition that was organized by SOP, the Islamabad had a remarkable performance. The center where Rukh Naz teaches won many medals, which encouraged her to work harder with her athletes. It resulted one of her athletes being selected for participation in 1995 world games in USA, who one three medals! SOP has also given Rukh Naz an opportunity to get training through its “train a trainer” program and share experiences with other coaches and learnt different sports.


NAEEM RASHID has been associated with Special Olympics Pakistan since 1990. He excels in Athletes and shares his knowledge with SOP as a volunteer. Naeem believes that through sports, the athletes are better prepared to face life’s challenges, as they learn about their abilities and gain self-confidence. Naeem is dedicated volunteer and has participated in two World games, 1991 and 2003. He also participated in a training course in Singapore in 1992.

Volunteer Coach Beverly Harvey Gives Intensive Training to SOP Athletes in Soccer and Cricket.

Beverly is sports woman and a welcome SOP’s volunteer’s team. When asked to give an intensive training in Soccer and Cricket, she readily agreed and devotes her time and energy by giving the thrill of competition to our athletes suffering from mental disabilities at the National coaching center twice a week. Since she loves the games as much as athletes, joy, laughter and the sprit of competition are felt on the grounds.